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Maggie V.
I had such a great experience here! I splurged and decided to get the spa pedicure after a long week, and it was well worth the $50. First of all, the salon is pristine and the pedicure chairs provide a wonderful massage. My technician was friendly and attentive, and gave me a plate of fruit to munch on as I enjoyed the pedicure.
The service itself was quite comprehensive-- with a scrub, paraffin treatment and then a ten minute reflexology massage-- and my pedicure looked great. Needless to say, I will be back again and again!
Patrick B.
Good spot. It's got a classy and chill vibe and the staff is very nice. Didn't have to wait long at all, on a weekend even.Will be back.
Zachary R.
I am not one to leave many Yelp reviews, but this place just opened, and if you come here, you can't help but root for the mom and pop that run the place.
I also am not one to get a ton of mani pedis, but I have certainly followed my girlfriend to my fair share. Honestly, I can say that this is the most beautiful nail salon and spa I have seen in my life. The interior is absolutely stunning. It is spacious, modern, clean, and spectacularly beautiful.
The staff are also expert artists. My girlfriend is often a harsh critic of her manicures, but she was gushing about the job they did here, as she pointed out to me the even finish, and how it would last a long time. They have about 50 different packages, and she got something called the allure signature spa pedi, which included organic exfoliating scrub, face mask, reflexology foot massage, and more.
And now onto the goodies (which is what I really care about): they had champagne, wine, sparkling water, cheese, prosciutto, and desserts - so I got to snack while while the lady gets pampered.
And finally, the people. As I mentioned, It was just opened by a husband and wife team, and they were just the sweetest people imaginable. They, and the staff, run around making sure that everything is perfect and they really seem to care if you are happy.
I hope for them - and my girlfriend- that this place is here to stay!!
Stef A.
I'm new to D.C. and I randomly tried this salon for a gel manicure the other day. It was a great experience! I was offered ice water as soon as I walked in (it was a million degrees outside) and the owner (Kenny?) checked up on me a few times after that offering refills. Kim did my nails and she was very sweet and did an excellent job.
I'm not typically super picky with nail salons but recently, after having acrylic taken off, my nail had turned a little green, so now I'm a stickler for clean and sanitary salons. This place is huge, gorgeous, and clean. Also they took me right away when I walked in without appointment on a Sunday morning. Highly recommended!
Kim S.
Our neighborhood has needed a salon such as this one for a while. Allure nails has a chic upscale vibe, 20 pedicure and 20 manicure stations. This salon is perfect for a simple girls Mani-Pedi treat but can also accommodate large groups. The facility was clean, staff was courteous, and offered reasonable pricing. My gel manicurist, Nick was meticulous and gave me an excellent hand massage. I will be back!
Sunny S.
Large spa that is clean and beautiful, and doesn't smell like acetone (which is rare to find). The technicians are very friendly and careful so they always do a good job with my pedicures. My friend gets gel mani's here and it's probably the best gel that she says she's gotten because there were no chips after two weeks even after the nails have grown long.
The owners are very hands-on and always greets clients when they come in even if they are busy with something. I've walked in twice and both times have been welcomed and didn't wait for more than 5 minutes, which is appreciated. Overall a great experience at an upscale place!
Tony S.
Nice people. Quality service. Very clean and calm atmosphere. Good people. Make reservations as it looks they can be busy.
Elpida A.
This chic and beautiful nail salon has added even more to the cathedral commons! I stopped by to support my neighborhood small business after reading about the couple that owns it - Trish and Kenny.
Trish was actually my manicurist and was such a kind and lovely person. We chatted about life and running the business - she and her husband are definitely hands on and want to ensure a different kind of salon experience for their customers. Even though I purchased a basic manicure - the treatment was still exemplary! I was offered tea or water since it was early in the day but they have a bar that serves champagne and snacks as well. I also received 15% off as it was my first visit (I didn't unlock the yelp offer). I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and neighbors (one of which I ran into there)!!
The blow dry bar and hair salon was not open yet but I will come to try it!
Anne L.
I stopped in at 6 on a weekday, and there was no wait for a pedicure. This is a huge place, especially for DC, and the three or four nail techs working all had a customer at some point, but it still felt really serene and empty.
The most important thing about this place, though, is how clean it is! And not just clean, but hygienic. not only do the pedicure chairs not have internal plumbing (which breeds bacteria) but they use a new fresh plastic liner, like a shower cap for the basin, for every customer. The nail files used were brand new, as they should be, and I actually believed the cuticle tools were sanitary. The chairs themselves are great as well, squishy massage chairs but brand new and quiet, and they actually move back fair enough for tall people to be comfortable.
I had the exfoliation and paraffin pedicure (if you've never had paraffin wax on your hands or your feet, it is so soothing!) and they scoop the wax out and pour into baggies for each foot, then throw out the used wax. Which, again, is exactly what a nail salon should do to make sure everything stays hygienic!
The pedicure itself was fantastic as well, the guy who did my nails was super thorough and neat, and the foot and leg massage was wonderful. The base line pedicure costs just a few dollars more than much lower end salons, and there's a whole menu of fancier options if you feel like indulging!
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